Egypt Post

Established in 1865, Egypt Post is one of the oldest economic and social governmental institutions in the country and it acts as the government’s portal in providing postal, non-banking, and financial services.


Established in 2013, Ningxia Silk Road ePath Co. (“SRP”) connects with all major financial institutions in China and the Arab world to conduct related businesses with financial products based on Cross-Border Payment Platforms.

Agricultural Bank of Egypt

ABE was established in 1931 with a capital of 1 million EGP initially for supporting Egyptian farmers financially. Since then the bank expanded to offer financing for agri-businesses, SMEs, and the provision of corporate and Islamic banking services. Currently, ABE has more than 1,210 branches all over Egypt.

HID Global

HID Global is an international leader in authentication and traceability solutions for combatting counterfeiting, parallel markets, and illicit trade. HID Global has supported several governments and industries and it serves its customers globally via its offices in Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, and France.

Egyptian Tax Authority

The Egyptian Tax Authority is an affiliated agency of the Ministry of Finance delivering numerous services including the submission of tax declarations, issuance of new tax cards, and updating tax profiles. As the official tax collection and administration agency in Egypt, it provides comprehensive services for clients dealing with the tax system.

Egyptian Customs Authority

The Egyptian Customs Authority is a sub-sector of the Egyptian Ministry of Finance enforcing the laws and regulations for the importation/exportation of goods. Its role extends from fighting against smuggling activities and counteracting customs fraud to assessing and collecting customs duties and taxes.

Jusfoun Big Data

Established in 2010, Jusfoun is a leading big data operator and is a founding party of the Global Big Data Exchange “GBDEx” in China. The company has established more than 40 joint venture companies around the world, and integrates data resources across 30+ fields in addition to providing valuable services for over 300 enterprises and governmental institutions worldwide. Jusfoun is currently composed of 1,000+ experts in areas such as data mining and visualization, designing, and consulting.

AML Partners

AML Partners is a Behavioural Risk software-development and consulting firm specializing in helping clients identify and act on incidents involving money laundering or terrorist financing. The firm is composed of a team possessing extensive experience in BSA/AML compliance, behavioural-risk mitigation, financial-services technology and data systems, technical project management, workflow management and processes across industries, and software design and development.

Remittance Partners

Bahrain Exchange Company

Bahrain Exchange Company is a leading Money Transfer and Currency Exchange firm in Kuwait. With over 20 years of experience, BEC today is regulated by the central bank of Kuwait and has 40+ local branches and 46,000+ payout agents in more than 30 countries worldwide.


MoneyGram is the second largest provider of money transfers in the world. The company operates in more than 200 countries with a global network of about 347,000 agent offices